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There are numerous media companies that provide radio stations with programs. Many of the programs are free and depending on the size of your market reach, the producers of these programs may pay you to air them on your station.

In our research, we have discovered that quality programming is available FREE of charge.

The Weekend 22 is a fast-paced, weekly two-hour show featuring the Top 22 CHR songs of the week (based on Radio and Records CHR Christian charts). Hosted by Jeremy Gonzalez (aka Jgonzo) The Weekend 22 features compellingartist interviews, huge contests, the latest music news, and of course the top hits of the week.

The Weekend 22 is already airing in over 100 markets across the country and is available via download from their website each week. Besides The Weekend 22, a daily :60 Music News feature is available to add to your daily programming lineup. Find out more at The Weekend 22 http://www.ampedcreative.com or contact Ken Farley at (615) 331-0736.

The Weekend Top 25 Countdown is a weekly, two-hour show featuring the Top 25 AC songs of the week. (based on Radio and Records AC Monitored charts) Hosted by Scott Smith (award winning morning show host from WPOZ, Orlando), The Weekend Top 25 Countdown features indepth artist interviews, fun contests, the latest music news and the Top 25 adult contemporary songs of the week. The Weekend Top 25 Countdown is airing in over 50 markets across the country and is available via download from their website each week. Besides the Weekend Top 25 Countdown, a daily :60 Music News feature is available to add to your daily programming lineup. Find out more at http://www.ampedcreative.com or contact Ken Farley at (615) 331-0736.

20 The Countdown Magazine, is a program produced in the United States.

The program features a countdown of the current Top 20 Adult Contemporary Christian songs and has a run time of approximately two hours (with commercials). In addition, Jon Rivers (also the host of K-LOVE's morning show) provides insightful information about the artists and the music.

Westar Media Group offers more than a dozen other programs in addition to "20 The Countdown Magazine". To find out more about what's available and to secure servicing for your station go to http://www.westarmediagroup.com.

The ChristianRadio.Com website offers a directory of many short and fully produced Christian Programs to choose from. There are many than 100 Christian Programs to choose from including talk, music and children's programming.

The ChristianRadio.com can be found by visiting http://www.ChristianRadio.com/programs.asp

The Choice FM Radio Network offers Christian Programming services for those stations looking for solutions to programming problems and expenses.

Choice FM is an innovative Christian Music Network offering 2 different full-time formats of programming including AC and Christian CHR/Rock. They supply everything from the music, customized station imaging, underwriting production, voice tracking with professional talent, logos and more. The system does not rely on a satellite feed.

Choice FM may be reached at 513-887-0590 The website is http://www.choicefmradio.com

Dawson McAllister Liveis an incredible show geared towards teenagers. This call-in show airs live every Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern Time. To air this program on your station live, requires a satellite dish, but you may request previous airings of the program on CD format and run them in Dawson McAllister's regular time slot.

To bring this program on your station call 931-486-1515 or visit their website at at: http://www.seekgod.org.

The vision of Xtreme Youth Allianceis to reach students, parents and youth pastors so they can have the tools they need to fulfill the call on their life.

They do not shy away from any issue students are facing and will continue to give them the tools they need to follow Christ. The program they offer is similar to Dawson McAllister's Show but this program has more on-air Biblical substance.

This program would make a great add to your station programming. To find out more call (615) 349-9166 or visit their website. http://xtrlive.com/home.php

Are you looking for an entertaining one hour show that you can download absolutely free on an MP2 file from the internet? FOOTLIGHT PARADEis the show for you! A witty look at music from Broadway and Hollywood musicals, tied together each week by a theme that makes you look at the tunes in a different way than just as part of a musical.

To find out more about Footlight Parade, go to their website at www.footlightparade.org, where you can listen to the current show, see what's coming up, and find out how to download the program for your station.

If you would like to talk directly to someone call Creative PR at 888-233-5650 and ask for Helen.

Hippie RadioT is a completely new and innovative way to program Oldies! So many markets have abandoned a format that was perceived to be "dead." Nothing could be further from the truth! Baby Boomers are alive and well and control 70% of all financial assets in the USA!

To become a Hippie Radio affiliate or for more information, go to http:///www.hippieradio.net.

The Massachusetts School of Law offers world class educational programming that will enhance your reputation.

They offer a variety of programs that can be obtained online or via satellite.

To find out more, go to their website at www.mslawradio.com/grid.html.

Need rock music for your station? Consider becoming a RadioU affiliate. RadioU offers a format unlike any we've seen. It's hard rock! If you're looking for a younger primarily male audience, then our pick for you is RadioU.

Their number is 614-890-9977 and the website is http://www.tvulive.com.

The MUSIC CAFE is a 3 hour daily radio show designed for airing on Christian radio stations throughout the US and Canada. The program is hosted by Mark Winston, a 35 year radio broadcasting veteran, dedicated husband and father, and Christian brother.

To contact The Music Cafe, visit their website at http://www.themusiccafe.moonfruit.com.

Salem Radio Network (SRN) offers a variety of talk and music programs for the station owner. The talk is conservative and the music is Christian but within the Christian genre, there are a variety of music formats to select from.

To subscribe to any of their programs does require a satellite dish and will cost you, but it's a lot cheaper than hiring your own on-air talent.

To contact SRN, call 972-831-1920 or visit their website at http:///www.srnonline.com.

Super Groovy 70'sis a salute to the pop music (and pop culture) of what the creator of Super Groovy 70's calls "the most important decade in the history of mankind". It includes great tunes, movie songs, TV themes and celeb interviews. It's a weekly 1 hour show that's all about fun!

This program is available free, simply by calling 914-941-7636 or by visiting their website. http://www.supergroovy70s.com

THE INTROis a fast moving two hour weekly program that showcases Independent Artist Talent from around the world. The show is hosted by veteran broadcaster, Darryl Hurd and is available for airing on your radio station at no cost.

Call 540-562-4408 or visit their website to register your station as an affiliate. http://www.darrylhurd.com

The 1920s Radio Network is a broadcast service dedicated to playing big band, nostalgia, and Old Time Radio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a worldwide audience.

It costs nothing to be an affiliate. The programming is provided via several very reliable web streams. The network does provide 25/35hz automation tones for stations with tone decoders. http://www.the1920snetwork.com/

If you're looking for a 15 minute program more akin to Public Radio's Fresh Air, consider Voices of Our World. This program, which oftentimes addresses the issue of social injustice is not light fare. For instance, a recent CD offering included segments on immigrant workers, the death sentence and civil rights.

"Voices of Our World" winner of the 2004 Gracie Allen Award addresses hard hitting issues with sincere professionalism.

This program is available free, simply by calling 914-941-7636 or by visiting their website. http://www.maryknoll.org/voices

WAY-FM offers a variety of contemporary music programs. The service is available by satellite feed at a reasonable cost.

Not only will WAY-FM provide your station with music programming but they will at no additional cost, create station-ids and sweepers for you.

To find out more call Faron Dice at 1 719-533-0300.

The Westar Media Group has built strong relations with radio stations across the country that are looking for unique and quality programming for their listeners.

Programs offered by Westar Media Group include 20 The Countdown Magazine, American Inspirations, The Gary Demar Show, PK 0-60 and more. To find out more visit their website at http://www.westarmediagroup.com/