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There are numerous record labels you may contact in order to receive music for your station. Indeed, here is a link to many of the labels http://www.rlabels.com/

The following site offers a long list of Christian record labels, many of which are not well-known. http://www.tollbooth.org/new/resources/labels.html

One of the problems with getting servicing for a radio station is that many of the big label companies, no longer service small community stations. This can be particularly disheartening to LPFM station owners, but the good news is that there are services which now cater to small station owners at a cost that even a small station owner can afford (in some cases the service is FREE).

Here is information about several services along with information about a company that offers royalty free music to be used as beds for commercials, etc.

Alternative Programming

Don't be deceived by the name as Alternative Programming distributes only the very, best AC Christian Music. For a small monthly fee of $30, ALTERNATIVE PROGRAMMING promises that you will always receive the top 30 Christian AC songs.

We are very impressed with this service offered by Gary Knoll, owner of Alternative Programming and agree with him that you will never be at a loss for the best songs, Christian music has to offer. Important to note is that fact that, Alternative Programming also offers current music services for 8 other music formats.

To contact Alternative Programming call 815-229-3995 or write to Alternative Programming, 4215 Brendenwood Road, Rockford, IL 61107.

Free Music Report

A FREE Music Report for radio stations! You'll have a great selection of the newest independent music available to you free of charge. Instead of opening packages and listening to music you never asked for, you'll know what to expect. It takes about 30 seconds to subscribe! To subscribe go here: http://www.freemusicreport.org

Radio Mall

Radio Mall has over 200 products including sound effects, commercial production music, and production effects. All of our audio CDs are covered with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Complete track listings and demos are online at: http://www.radio-mall.com

RadioDirectX - a free music service

RadioDirectX issues new CD releases to more than 2100 subscribed radio station and media members worldwide. As a member you will have the option to preview and request any new CD release we offer. We send you an email with information about the CD - you click the link to the release sheet, read about the artist, listen to several audio previews and can then request to have that CD mailed to you for airplay if suitable for your station programming. Requesting any release(s) is your choice at any time. You are not obligated to use our service and can select which CD releases you prefer to receive and there is no fee or costs to you ever as you are helping our artists gain new listening audiences. We've have also worked to ensure our service is as easy to use with little time required by our radio and media members.

It takes only a short amount of time to subscribe! To become a member go here: http://www.radiodirectx.com/mediaservices.html

PraiseDisc, a label/artist supported service, offered byTM Century, is delivered to over 1,600 Christian radio stations in the United States for FREE. Each month, PraiseDisc covers thirteen to eighteen of the latest and upcoming singles in the AC, CHR, Inspirational, Rock, and Praise and Worship formats.

The PraiseDisc service also includes a fully searchable database and links to artist websites through TM Century Member Services.

PraiseDisc began in the summer of 2003 as a marketing tool to help record labels get their new music out to all Christian radio stations.

"The explosion in the number of Christian music stations nationally has created a tremendous challenge for the promotional departments of all labels. It has become prohibitively expensive for labels to service all 1,800+ stations. However, since a significant number of Christian stations and Christian record sales are in smaller markets it is critical that these stations get serviced in a timely fashion." explained TM Century President/CEO David Graupner. "People won't buy what they don't know and the only way they know about new songs is by hearing them on their local radio station."

To get PraiseDisc delivered to your station FREE in monthly intervals call Amy Wilken at 972-406-6822 or visit their website at http://www.tmcentury.com