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Raduga_Radio Automation radiodaddy.com Superior Broadcast Products

Raduga: Great Program at a Low Price

Raduga AutomationRaduga runs on a variety of Windows Operating Systems and supports WAV, MP2 ,MP3, and WMA files. It operates easily in full automation or live assist modes. This system is allows the user to build playlists quickly and the program requires almost no learning curve. Within minutes the user can have a station up and running. Music files do not need to be renamed as is required with some automation programs.

To find out more about Raduga, visit their website at www.raduga.net.


There are many other fine automation systems but we urge you to be careful as to which automation system you buy. Some may tout many advanced faetures but if the company providing the automation is a small company then you may be in for a nightmare of a ride (as we experienced first-hand). Other than Raduga we highly recommend BSI, iMedia Touch, Enco, RCS, and Wide Orbit. It is extremely important that you are careful in choosing your automation system as this is basically the heart of your station. You don't want to put your trust in someone that runs his business out of his house and just doesn't feel like answering your call for help in an emergency.